Lowestoft District & Pye  Amateur Radio Club

Club Nets


The Club has a net on 433.575 Sunday Nights 2000 to 2130







Zello Channel

The Club has a Zello channel called Network Radio East Anglia



Lowestoft District & Pye Amateur Radio Club is the UK's most Easterly Radio Club, located on the Sunrise Coast of East Anglia just 90 miles from the Dutch Coast, which in certain conditions our local UHF and VHF repeaters are accessed by Dutch Stations and vice versa.


Prior to 1982/3 Lowestoft was blessed with two amateur radio clubs the Lowestoft and District Amateur Radio Club and the Pye Radio Club, Lowestoft and District Amateur Radio ClubThe former originating from the pre WW2 1920/30’s, earliest records show the club was registered with the Post Office in 1921 as the Lowestoft and District Wireless Radio Society. Club meetings were held at various venues around the town The YMCA that was originally somewhere in the first floor above what was until recently the Electricity board show rooms. The YMCA was then moved to premises up near to Park Road and opposite the Sparrows Nest, and finally meetings were held for some years at the Teaching Centre at Lovewell Road close to Kirkley Fen.Pye Radio ClubPye being an electronics based company, a number of staff were keen radio amateurs, and an interest group became part of The Pye Sports and Social Club. This helped fund equipment and a magnificent portable building to house it (now housing our junk and canteen facilities).The group flourished up until the closure of the site 1980/1.Most of the members attended the Lowestoft and District Amateur radio Club having membership of both, and so when the closure of the factory site was imminent, an agreement was reached with the powers that be to allocate the site we now inhabit in company with the Pye Pistol Club to continue our activities generously donating a lorry load of redicrete cement for the tower base hut base and the remainder is a strange little path which almost reaches the gate.After a short while it became a natural progression to amalgamate the two clubs. The amalgamation of the two meant more activity from the site and a more permanent home for the larger group. There was a certain amount of dissention mostly on club fees but on the whole it was a bloodless experience and The Lowestoft District and Pye Amateur Radio Club was born.


Local Repeaters





Output 433.350 MHz

Input   434.950 MHz

CTCSS 94.8 Hz



Output 145.6375 MHz

Input   145.0375 MHz

CC        1


Great Yarmouth



Output 433.025 MHz

Input   434.625 MHz

CTCSS 94.8 Hz





Output 439.575 MHz

Input   430.575 MHz

CC        2


GB7BE Dstar

Output 439.6625 MHz

Input   430.6625 MHz